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Our Summer School Program

Over the summer months, our School Age Program is transformed into our Summer Camp Program! 

Kids on Field Trip to Giant with Educational Building Blocks Summer Camp Program in York PA
Field Trip to the baseball fields in York PA with Educational Building Blocks Summer Camp Program

Our Summer Camp Program is open and available to the general public, not only to current EBB Childcare students. 


Children embark on summer adventures filled with new experiences and activities. They are immersed in the joy of learning while being encouraged to try new things and take on new challenges!


Over the summer, we emphasize the basic elementary fundamentals to help prevent the "Summer Slide!" According to research, during summer months children can lose crucial skills learned throughout the school year!  We are here to help kids retain and improve their learned skills, so they'll be ready for the upcoming school year.


Summer Camp not only reinforces basic concepts, but also includes regular field trips, some of which are intended to reinforce essentials taught and others which are simply for fun! Swimming and a movie anyone?


“I’M BORED!” is one statement you are guaranteed NOT to hear during Summer Camp. Instead, your child will return home each day talking about the fun they had, sharing their new experiences with you, and instead children will be heard saying, “I’M TIRED!”


Our Summer Camp Program does fill up quickly, so do not wait to enroll!

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