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Children in Preschool Classroom at Educational Building Blocks Early Leaning Center
Preschoolers at York PA Educational Building Blocks Early Leaning Center
Happy Children celebrating christmas and the holidays in Preschool Classroom at Educational Building Blocks Early Leaning Center

Our Preschool Classroom

With a research-driven curriculum, engaging and thoughtful lessons, and a child-centered approach, your children will get the start in education they need to thrive throughout their future. 

Our preschool program will pave the road for your children’s academic successes, one BLOCK at a time! 


According to the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, the first few years of life actually set the stage for lifelong development. In fact, by age 5, your children will have already developed a staggering 85 percent of their intellect, personality, and skills.


Because young children’s brains still have plasticity, they easily adapt to the things they are exposed to in their surroundings. Our high-quality preschool program is a critical component of shaping that 85 percent and will support children in being successful throughout the remainder of their educational careers.

We believe in a child-centered approach that encourages cooperative and individual discovery and learning. We teach readiness skills at age-appropriate levels through hands-on activities and open-ended projects. Our well-rounded program considers the developmental needs of children in the areas of physical, intellectual, and social-emotional growth.


Our preschool program starts your children’s journeys into a cooperative learning environment where they can discover their interests and learn in a more structured setting.  Our caring and compassionate teachers help children turn everyday experiences into fun, educational opportunities.


We work closely with our local school districts to implement elementary school visits and prepare children academically so that they can master necessary kindergarten readiness skills. We follow a developed framework that supports children to successfully transition from preschool to kindergarten with ease. 

the Environment

  • Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all local, state, and federal guidelines, as well as the Pennsylvania Keystone STARS’ benchmarks

  • Assigned primary caregivers for one-to-one moments of caring, play, and learning

  • Confidence-building opportunities that support problem solving and decision-making skills

  • Learning methodologies that acclimate to each child and embrace individual gifts and interests

  • Support for newly acquired independence and social skills 

  • STEM learning that encourages higher order thinking skills

  • Classroom activities that encourage investigation, adventure, and discovery

  • Curriculum that supports social-emotional learning, cognitive development, academic rigor, and school readiness 

  • HiMama Parent App used for communications directly between guardians/teachers/directors, including, but not limited to daily reports, pictures/videos, attendance, lunch menus, newsletters, and much more!

See more about PA Early Learning Standards for your child. 

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