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We use Himama

Himama is the parent communication app we use so you can stay up-to-date on how your child is doing in our care.

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Wondering what your kid is up to while in daycare? With the Himama Parent Communication App you will always stay in the loop. You can send and receive messages from your child’s teacher and center directors and keep a close eye on their learning process, upcoming events, reminders and even weather delays. Fear of missing out? With Himama, you’ll never miss a moment!

  • Receive photos of your children and real time updates about their activities, whether they are eating, napping or playing.

  • Learn what your child was up to during the whole day from our comprehensive daily reports. From meals eaten, to diaper changes, pottying habits, mood and naptimes, Himama keeps you informed!

  • Discover what the teachers have planned by checking the calendar and lesson plans for the week, lunch menus, newsletters, events calendars, and even attendance!

See what real parents think!

  • Himama keeps track of allergies, emergency information and contacts. Educators can always access the information they need to best take care of your children.

  • The check-in and checkout digital attendance system registers the time children arrive and leave the premises, and whenever they are moved from one room to the other.

  • For extra safety, our system has been customized to collect and store parents’ signatures during drop off and pick up.

  • Share updates with close friends and family members by adding them to the “crew.” Now the grandma that lives far away, can be much closer to your children day-to-day and share in their activities and pictures/videos.

  • Some moments just aren’t meant to be shared with everyone. You can choose the access of friends and family for each and every post. You and the whole “crew” can also participate digitally. Use the Himama app to record and share moments of your own from your computer or smartphone.

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We are a Keystone STARS Rated Center which means we provide the highest level of care and education.

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We are proud to partner with Child Care Works to offer subsidized childcare that helps low-income families. 

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We are committed to following stringent health and safety protocols to keep your kids safe.

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